Week 2 Summary

This week has been excruciating for me as my blog had been down due to some technical issues. I was trying to keep up with the week 2 assignments and have luckily completed all of them. The process was really great opportunity for me to learn about the basics of designing, playing with digital storytelling and designing GIF Animations. I believe these assignments compel you to think out of box and come up with creative ideas as most of the assignments are guidelines to complete not strict rules that would confine the thinking process. I have made blog posts for all the assignments and applied Twitter and Flickr embeds where necessary. Following are the details of the different sections of the assignments.

Read and Reflect on The Vignelli Canon


  1. Complete a DesignBlitz (Embedded from Flickr)
  2. http://taractaronline.com/best-work/designblitz/

  3. Do your Daily Creates

Twitted with tags.


  1. Five design assignments completed and posted to blog:







  1. GIF Animation assignments completed and posted to blog:





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