Week 1 Summary

Setting up the Domain

First I went to Godaddy.com which is a domain provider to look for domain options. I has earlier paid with my credit card for a friend who registered a domain on Godaddy. It came up with many domain options that included my name as a part of it. I finally decided to choose www.taractaronline.com as it has my name and sounds like one from the digital world where everyone is trying to be online. Then I came back to the video about how to register the domain by the class instructor and followed the simple steps to register it.

Commentary on Customizing Blog

I searched Youtube.com for different options on managing a wordpress website. It came up with useful information that helped me a lot. I chose one of the free designs from wordpress called Twenty Fifteen. The reason that I opted for this theme is that is good on eyes, simple and responsive. Then I looked for different plugins. I came up with many ideas. I installed the plugins that I believe would add quality to my blog both from the viewer’s perspective and search engines perspective. I installed the Related Post plugin by Zemanta. This is a unique plugin that also lets you embed related posts from other websites on the internet. I have tried this function on this page: http://taractaronline.com/assignments/visual/gaga-heavens-gate/ . The details of the plugin are available here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-23-related-posts-plugin/  .

Apart from the plugins above I installed the recommended Akismet plugin for spam control, a social media sharing plugin by AddtoAny, Contact Form 7 plugin, Plugin for a Photo Gallery, Plugin for Twitter Feed and Yoast plugin for SEO from https://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-seo/ .

I have included my social media profiles on the right sidebar of my blog to let others follow me on different social media platforms.

Link to Photo Safari


Link to Photo Reflection


Link to reflection on Photo Safari


Link to three Daily Creates


Links to 4 Visual Assignments






Reflection on Visual Storytelling

This is a new subject to me. I didn’t think that it could be so interesting to look at photos from a perspective of a whole story associate to it not just a single image. Colors play an important role when it comes the digital world and each color works with collaboration with another to make a story. I did try to use my imagination while completing the different digital tasks. They were challenging in the beginning but now I feel that I am really enjoying the art of ‘visual Storytelling and hope that I can come up with more innovative solutions to the future tasks.



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