I Did it My Way

I would like to summarize what I learned this week. For my reflection on the entire course, please click here or follow the link towards the end of this page.

This week was a challenge for me. Throughout the course I had difficulty with storytelling behind the visual, design, audio or video assignments I completed. This is what the course instructor pointed out in the feedback to my weekly assignments. Therefore I took it as a challenge and before I could start to do different parts of the final project, I gave the actual story a lot of consideration. I thought of different ideas at the end I decided that I am going to try a modern version of the traditional “Thirsty Crow Story”. I tried the story with toy dinosaurs and at the end it turned out to be a fun experience. I was able to attempt almost all of the digital tools that I learned during the previous weeks i.e. Audio, Design, Visual and Video. I hope that this story can be of interest to its viewers.

Following are the links to different assignments for week 5.

  1. The Final Story: The Thirsty Baby Dinos
  2. Course Reflection: Digital Storytelling and Me
  3. Design Assignment (4.2 Stars): How to Design a Story Poster with Adobe Photoshop
  4. Visual Assignment (3.5 Stars): How to make a GIF animation from different images
  5. Video Assignment (4.5 Stars): How to add a video into the thinking box or a callout of an image
  6. Audio Assignment 1 (4 Stars): How to make a radio announcement or advertisement with Audacity
  7. Audio Assignment 2 (4 Stars): How to record a telephone conversation with two different voices when both voices are your’s

Total Stars Attempted: 20.2

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