Digital Storytelling and Me

I must confess that at first I was not at all comfortable with the course material as from the first week I got the impression that the whole course was about designing blogs and websites. I am not such a great programmers at this stage so the idea of writing a huge amount of code for anything is not what I was expecting and wanted to expect. I also had some technical issue with my blog that kept me from updating it for a few day which added to my frustrations. But as I progressed and put some effort, I started to enjoy the course and in the third week my digital skills i.e. design and audio editing had improved a lot. I had come to know what digital storytelling meant and how it was different from web designing.  This was also reflected in week 3 grade. At this point when I have just finished my week 5, which is the final week, I really miss the course. I had developed a flow and was improving in many ways. First I was improving technically and second, I was reading literature to audio editing, radio, television, movie making that influenced me personally as well. I have started to look deep at movies. Whenever a person behind the camera is creating a Zolly effect I smile to myself. Movies had never influenced me this way before. In the same way I listen to radio shows from a different perspective now. I try to listen attentively and find out the meaning behind different sounds that fall on my ears.

I would love to be a part of similar course in the future and would suggest this course to my friends who I am sure would benefit from it in different ways.

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