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Rhythm - Repetition

I captured this image at the engagement party of my friend, I intended to take the shot of the repetition of the champagne glasses next to each other while the guy pouring in the 3rd glass signifies a movement of the action of pouring from one glass to another. Also the empty glasses in the foreground give a signifying pattern of the pouring that will move from 3rd glass into them.

I took the photo after I had watched the video about Storytelling and visual literacy by Jason Eskenazi. He explains in the earlier part of the video that photography is just like a language. The video is posted at the end of the post. This is what I think is really true when I look at the photo that I later titled “Rhythm”. It’s not just an image for me anymore. It’s a whole moment and a great story behind that moment. It will always remind me of my friends special moment and what happened with those three champagne glasses.

Jason Eskenazi – Storytelling and Visual Literacy from PhotoWings on Vimeo.

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