I Did it My Way

I would like to summarize what I learned this week. For my reflection on the entire course, please click here or follow the link towards the end of this page.

This week was a challenge for me. Throughout the course I had difficulty with storytelling behind the visual, design, audio or video assignments I completed. This is what the course instructor pointed out in the feedback to my weekly assignments. Therefore I took it as a challenge and before I could start to do different parts of the final project, I gave the actual story a lot of consideration. I thought of different ideas at the end I decided that I am going to try a modern version of the traditional “Thirsty Crow Story”. I tried the story with toy dinosaurs and at the end it turned out to be a fun experience. I was able to attempt almost all of the digital tools that I learned during the previous weeks i.e. Audio, Design, Visual and Video. I hope that this story can be of interest to its viewers.

Following are the links to different assignments for week 5.

  1. The Final Story: The Thirsty Baby Dinos
  2. Course Reflection: Digital Storytelling and Me
  3. Design Assignment (4.2 Stars): How to Design a Story Poster with Adobe Photoshop
  4. Visual Assignment (3.5 Stars): How to make a GIF animation from different images
  5. Video Assignment (4.5 Stars): How to add a video into the thinking box or a callout of an image
  6. Audio Assignment 1 (4 Stars): How to make a radio announcement or advertisement with Audacity
  7. Audio Assignment 2 (4 Stars): How to record a telephone conversation with two different voices when both voices are your’s

Total Stars Attempted: 20.2

An amazing video week

This course has been unfolding precious mysteries for me. In the previous weeks I was able to organize my personal blog, learn photo editing and tell audio stories. This week has been more amazing for me. It was related to the video world. I was able to have a glance into how critics view movies. Believe me it is completely different than how we view it. They can see the use of different camera angles and their effectiveness. Even where a character comes from and where does he/she goes has a different meaning which I have tried to describe in some of my posts available bellow. I used Windows Movie Maker for the first time and it was great to know that some of the video effects like slowing a video down or fast forwarding can be done so easily. I faced an issue of using music clips that would not be taken down by YouTube when I upload it there. I found a great solution to this problem in the form of two amazing royalty free music website i.e. Free Music Archive and BenSound.

Following are the links to the different tasks I have completed.

Reading Movies

Roger Ebert on Reading Movies

Summary of Cinematic Techniques

Look, Listen, Analyze

How to Look, Listen and Analyze a Movie


Creating Instant Replay

Tutorial: How to Fast Forward with Windows Movie Maker

Comments on Blog Posts

Is Commenting Helpful in Learning Only?

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Confessions of an Arab

Be a Vegetarian

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