Can Cats Teach?

can cats teachAssignment details can be found on the following page:

I designed this image with the help of Photoshop. Photoshop is one of my favorite photo editing tools. I am not that expert in it but still I know my way around it.  Here is my story that goes with this photo.

I have designed this image as part of bringing my pet to my school. There has got to be cat teachers. Therefore this is my cat who can got a degree in business administration and is here to talk to us about some business tips. She has been giving lectures on different avenues. I thought that why not I bring her to my school so that she might want to try and get a permanent job here. This way she can accompany me every day to my school and us humans can benefit from her knowledge. I hope that all her students are as happy to have her as she looks happy in her suit.