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This is photo of me from one my travels. I am not that much of a travelling person and do not enjoy travelling a lot. But in this photo you can see that I am happy and enjoying. Actually I met one of my childhood friend after a long time in Mauritius unexpectedly. I had a great time and believe it was kind of my lucky day. My body language is one of a person who is the happiest person in the whole world. I would love to see more friends unexpectedly on my future travels, if any.

Gaga on heaven’s gate

Gaga on heavens gate

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Lady Gaga is one of the best and fascinating pop star of the present times. She has been has come up with unique song videos. These videos provide the lyrics a unique meaning which are really different than the literal meaning in my opinion. I designed this image with Photoshop. I was searching Lady Gaga’s photos and came across her picture as an angel. I thought that angels need to be in heaven and this is where I decided that I will use the heaven’s gate as her ultimate destination. So I used the heaven’s gate as a background and then used the magic want feature of Photoshop to crop out Lady Gaga angel photo from a stage performance and put it on the heaven’s gate. I hope you like it.

Messy retires

Messy Retires

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Messi has been one of the greatest football player. He has been representing his country, Argentina, for many years.  He has announced that he is going to retire from international football. I am not in favor of this decision as I believe that he is still too young to retire. He has a lot of football left in him. I mean come on he is just 29. Is this the age to retire from anything? He has had a great career and can still extend his career. Scoring a few more goals won’t hurt I guess. He has millions of fans around the world who want to see him playing. Many petitions have be initiated by his fans to request him to take his retirement decision back. I am going to search for such a petition and sign it. In fact I am going to sign many petitions.

Is marijuana really bad?

marijuana is not always bad

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I am not someone who like to enjoy all the times but I am also not a boring person who hates to enjoy. The main idea behind choosing this image is that marijuana is not a bad thing in itself. What makes it bad is its misuse. Therefore I am in favor of a legalization of marijuana. I believe that each one of us has to show some responsibility. For example is the irresponsible use of Alcohol good? No, it is not. Therefore, marijuana is not bad in itself. Instead bad people have given it a bad name. so who is in favor of legalizing marijuana?

Can Cats Teach?

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I designed this image with the help of Photoshop. Photoshop is one of my favorite photo editing tools. I am not that expert in it but still I know my way around it.  Here is my story that goes with this photo.

I have designed this image as part of bringing my pet to my school. There has got to be cat teachers. Therefore this is my cat who can got a degree in business administration and is here to talk to us about some business tips. She has been giving lectures on different avenues. I thought that why not I bring her to my school so that she might want to try and get a permanent job here. This way she can accompany me every day to my school and us humans can benefit from her knowledge. I hope that all her students are as happy to have her as she looks happy in her suit.