The Vignelli Canon

This is a great peace of text to understand typography and graphic design. The most amazing thing about it is that it is full of useful information and it is absolutely free to download. I believe that it can prove vital for young designers as it teaches everything from basics and without a lot of fuss. Massimo Vignelli has illustrated his designs with the help of real life examples. He has given a real demonstration of designing on furniture, packaging and clothing etc. He has tried to establish design as a unique discipline and a creative process. He has called for consistency in opting for different design patterns for different types of designers.

Though the book is no doubt a master piece in the field of typography and designing, I found the author’s views as radical as he has only tried to focus on his own thoughts about designing and has dismissed many more design options. For example he says that:

“’ The advent of the computer generated the phenomena called desktop publishing. This enabled anyone who could type the freedom of using any available typeface and do any kind of distortion. It was a disaster of mega proportions. The computer allowed anyone to design new typefaces and that became one of the biggest visual pollutions of all time”.

This is a very harsh view of computer graphic designers. He has called it a sort of pollution. I believe he could have anticipated the future more clearly when it comes to printing and designing. In the modern world, computer designing has emerged to be a huge industry.