Feedback of my feedback

I provided real feedback comments to other bloggers from my summer class. They were not at all “you are great” kinds of comments :).  I have provided feedbacks to restaurants, retailers, salespersons, online website and many more but have never provided a feedback of my feedback. So this was a challenging blog post to write for me.

I visited the blogs of other course participants. There were different portions of the blogs that I looked in to and liked. I had an opportunity to learn a lot from these blogs. For example I commented on AdrielJBrooks Blog Post  and appreciated the amount of effort that was put into analyzing a video about professional audios production. I personally had a moment of silence and inside my had I had to realize that I have to look into the details of video or print tutorials and not simply scan them for quick solutions that I may need at that time.

I provided feedback to some other blog posts and appreciated the different software tools they have utilized. In fact I tried them myself and the blog post itself proved helpful in understanding different functionalities of the software.

Some bloggers were using online websites to fulfil their designing needs. For example AmandsAvenue Blog Post where Amanda posted about designing using I had not used this website before and tried it for an image edit. It was helpful and I learnt different designing tools online.

Overall the experience was fascinating. I provided feedback and went back to my feedback and learnt from it for myself.

Following are few of the other blog posts that I commented on.

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