How to record a telephone conversation with two different voices when both voices are your’s

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This seemed a challenging task to me as what I needed for my story was a telephone conversation between a male and a female person. I wrote the script that I wanted to implement during the telephone conversation and then followed the following steps in Audacity audio editing software to make it work for my story.

Step 1: I recorded an audio but with breaks. I mean I would record what the male voice has to say and press stop. It would automatically take me to a new sound layer in Audacity. Then I would record what the female voice would say.


Step 2: I downloaded a “Telephone Ring” audio clip from SoundBible and imported it into Audacity and kept it at the beginning of the whole audio.

importing audios

Step 3: I selected the voice layers for female voice and made changes to their “Pitch” from the “Effect Menu”


Step 4: I changed the “Percent” property of the voice layers that were representing a female voice to 13 as can be seen in the image bellow.


Step 5: I then exported the audio in mp3 format to my computer’s hard drive from the file menu.

Please follow this link for a video tutorial to change the pitch of a sound clip in Audacity.