How to make a GIF animation from different images

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I must say that it is really an easy task to make a GIF animation because there are many. I used GIF Maker website to make my animation. In my story I had three characters. I wanted them to be known at the start of the story so I made a GIF with three photos of the characters as can be seen in the following GIF.

Gif dino characters

Please follow the following instructions to make a GIF of your own.

Step 1: Go to GIFMaker website.

Step 2: Upload the images that you want to use in your GIF from the upload button.


Step 3: Select one of the options. From the options bellow depending on the kin of GIF you want to make. I selected “Create GIF Animation”.

gif options

Step 4: You will be provided a download button. Simply click it and your GIF will be downloaded to your computer.


Homer celebrates too early

early celebration

Assignment details are available at the following link with more details:

There are many people in the world who celebrate before the due time and pay the consequences. There are hundreds of Youtube videos related to it. Here is one of them videos:

I am a great fan of Simpson and especially Homer. In the GIF animation I have tried to illustrate that Homer can also be in a hurry some times when he has a donut. He eats them quickly and starts celebrating expecting his wife to give him another donut. He is sad when he finds out that the celebrations are over as there are no more donuts in the house.

Animals having fun

animals making fun

Assignment details are available at the following link:

Well different animals have their own way of laughing. In the GIF Animation I have tried to look into the animal world and find out how they laugh at humans. I gathered different images of animals laughing and converted them to let humans know that animals have their own ways of having fun. Especially this is how they must be making fun of those who think that animals cannot have fun.