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logo contestLogo contest is a brilliant idea. It has helped me think about different business ideas and who should these businesses be represented. I am from a desert continent so desert is kind of in my blood. I was thinking of different options and came up with this ides of why not start a business that is purely related to desert. So I thought of starting a business that will offer sand baths to its customers. It looks like a stupid idea but who knows? It could well be a great business ideas to take a sun and sand bath together.

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This website gives many options and is really simple to move around these options. I would like to advise it to logo designers for logo ideas.



Missing Poster

missinge Alen

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In the movies Hangover series, Alen has never been missing. But the fact is that he has always been the cause of anyone else missing. He is funny and the movie would not be as funny as it is because of him. The main reason for my poster featuring Alen is because his brain might be missing from his head and that brain is the actual Alen. I am looking for that brain to be returned to me so that I can return it to him and he can come into his senses. It has been around two years since the last Hangover movie was released. I am waiting for the next addition to the series to see who else is going to be missing because of Alen’s missing brain.

I want to be Chuck Norris

chuck norris

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Chuck Norris was once bit by a snake and you know what happened next? The snake died of excruciating pain. This is how strong Chuck Norris has been. I have watched many of his movies and I admire all of his action. I know you would be thinking that movies are fake. What I believe movies are entertainment they are not fake. So coming back to Chuck Norris, I thought who else can be on my shirt than chuck Norris. I found a blank shirt on the internet and simply put a photo of chuck on it. The shirt says that I want to be Chuck, and who won’t to be as strong as he is? I think it looks great. What do you think? How does it look like?


Don’t drink and drive please!

drink and drive









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I thought of many ideas like fire preventions, walking on snow and some more but the one I believe is more relevant while living in cities is to say something about drunk driving. It has been a huge issue as drunk driving causes many accidents every year. But still there are many people who do not learn anything from these accidents and are careless. I have tried to request all my blog visitors to be safe and don’t drink and drive.
I have tried not to sound serious. Instead the poster is kind of funny but still portrays its message. This is kind of a mathematical equation. I means drinking and driving sums up t disaster. Many have added up to a disaster and many more would do the same in the future but we can only hope that drunk driving stops for good.

Are we there yet?

graduation in desert

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There were many ideas floating in my mind. I processed a few ideas in my mind like taking myself inside the sea from a shopping mall, getting in to a lion’s cade in a zoo etc. Then I decided that I had my graduation back in my home country in the recent past. I looked at a few pictures and it strikes me why not take my graduation ceremony to some place outside the university. So I took one of the photo from the graduation ceremony. I Photoshoped it and now me and my friend are under a dry tree in the desert enjoying our graduation ceremony. I bet it’s hotter than the air conditioned hall at the university but there should be at least some adventure in the life. What do you say?

The Vignelli Canon

This is a great peace of text to understand typography and graphic design. The most amazing thing about it is that it is full of useful information and it is absolutely free to download. I believe that it can prove vital for young designers as it teaches everything from basics and without a lot of fuss. Massimo Vignelli has illustrated his designs with the help of real life examples. He has given a real demonstration of designing on furniture, packaging and clothing etc. He has tried to establish design as a unique discipline and a creative process. He has called for consistency in opting for different design patterns for different types of designers.

Though the book is no doubt a master piece in the field of typography and designing, I found the author’s views as radical as he has only tried to focus on his own thoughts about designing and has dismissed many more design options. For example he says that:

“’ The advent of the computer generated the phenomena called desktop publishing. This enabled anyone who could type the freedom of using any available typeface and do any kind of distortion. It was a disaster of mega proportions. The computer allowed anyone to design new typefaces and that became one of the biggest visual pollutions of all time”.

This is a very harsh view of computer graphic designers. He has called it a sort of pollution. I believe he could have anticipated the future more clearly when it comes to printing and designing. In the modern world, computer designing has emerged to be a huge industry.

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