The Thirsty Baby Dinos

posterWe have been listening to the story of the Thirsty Crow since we were kids. The moral conclusion of the story is really great that emphasizes on thinking out of the box and finding new solutions. In my story that stars a Dino Mummy and her two kids is about a Dino family that had to think of an innovative solution to their thirst problem. So here is the story.

The Dino Family

Gif dino characters

Once upon a time there was a happy family of a dinosaur family with a Dino Mummy and her two kids Joy and Noni. Dino Mummy did everything she could do to keep her kids happy. She would read medical information blogs to better take care of her kids health. She would download educational video for her kids. The whole family used to love radio programs and would listen to Dino Kids Radio when they had some free time.

One day when they were listening to Dino Kids Radio they hear a radio advertisement about a new amusement part in the Dino Vegas City that was next to them. The advertisement said:

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The kids were really happy to hear that a new amusement park has opened in the city next to theirs. They started shouting that they want to go to the amusement park. The Mummy Dino was also happy to hear the news of the new amusement park. She promised her kids that they all will go to the amusement park tomorrow.

Mummy Dino searched the amusement park phone number on the internet and called in to check if the park was open the next day:

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The next day Mummy Dino packed all the necessary things in a bag and started to travel to Dino Vegas city on their foot as the Mummy Dino wanted her kids to come a bit closer to the nature while they were to travel over the hill between their city and Dino Vegas. When they had travelled a few miles, Noni said that she is thirsty as the weather that day was a bit hotter compared to previous days. Dino Mummy checked her bad and she could not find the water bottle in her bg. She had forgotten to bring water with her. She asked her kids to wait till they reach the city. After travelling some distance, Joy also said that he is thirsty. Now, both of the kids were thirsty.


Mummy Dino did not want her kid to dehydrate and therefore started to search water here and there. She saw a hole in a rock at the bottom of which there was some water. She could not reach the water. She tasted the water with the help of a stick and it seemed clean. At that moment, the Mummy Dino suddenly thought of the YouTube video story “The Thirsty Crow” that was posted by Chaitali Biswas on her video channel. She kept thinking of the video for a while.

Mummy Dino looked around for some stones so that she can throw them into the hole just like the crow so that the water can rise. There were just a few stones that could fit the hole and the rest were big in size. Suddenly she realized that she had brought some juice the previous day when she was shopping and she did not use the “straw”. She took the bad that she had now for shopping the previous day. She checked in inside the bad and luckily the straw was still there. She put the straw inside the hole and it perfectly reached the water. She called Noni and Joy and told them to take turns and she wanted them to share things and develop this good habit of sharing.

drinking with straw

They all drank enough water and resumed their journey to Dino Vegas city where an amazing amusement park was waiting for them.