Confessions of an Arab

Well what book title can an Arab from the desert part of Arabia think of when writing a book? Especially when it is about his confessions. I believe that due to scientific advancement, growing bananas in desert must be possible. If that is possible, an Arab guy writing a book about his confessions is also possible.

Be a vegetarian

This is a kind of funny image. It looks to be two friends who have been together since a long time. They both used to enjoy meat. But the gorilla has become a vegetarian now and is trying to convince the dog that it’s time to go green and be a vegetarian. The dog is not yet ready to leave his meat eating habits and does not agree to his friend.

I still look good


Here is a simple online application to c64 your picture. When first I saw the daily create, I was confused how I am going to get the image into the desired format. I did see the web link to do it but I thought it would take ages. But as I visited the website, it was simply dropping the image there in the space provided and the next page had the image ready. For me, the download function did not work therefore, I had to take a screenshot.

I am Going to Mars

The task was to draw anything but the pen or mouse cursor had to draw continuously. I did draw continuously. I did move twice along the same path. There was nothing about avoiding the same path twice in the instructions so I believe I am safe. I used my mouse cursor to draw this rocket.

The story behind this is that I have always wanted to go to Mars as it looks just like our Arabian desert. But the problem is that I didn’t know how to get there. Now I know how I am getting there.

This Oh Yaaa is to Frighten You

This is my first time actually recording anything with Soundcloud. It is not a lengthy piece of audio but the happiness of learning something new is fascinating. It is really simple and interesting to record with Soundcloud and then embed it to a post on WordPress.


Reason for No Life on Mars

For this daily create I thought I has to out someone on the Mars. But the question that I asked myself was what that person is going to do on Mars. This is where it struck me. There is no life on Mars and there has got to be a reason for it. So what better reason can there be than the great Chuck Norris. He has cleaned up all other planets but humans still have got to reach out to those planets to confirm it just like Mars.

It’s the Shadow of my Shadow

I took several photos of my shadow but they were blurry due to the fact that it was night time and I could not use a flash as the shadow disappears. I took a photo of my shadow under my room’s light. But at the end it was more of a shadow of a shadow as can be seen in the photo. It’s not as sharp as it should be I guess.


International Empty Head Day

I have been a great fan of Homer Simpson since childhood. You will see a lot of him in my blog posts. Here in this photo, Bart Simpson is point out the fact that Homer is brainless. How bad could it be to not have a brain? Why not celebrate it as an international Empty Head Day on each 8th of July?

Daily Create Week 1

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