Unity - Similar Shapes
While this picture is simple in its content, I liked to take it because of the shapes where everything is in rectangular shape. The unity appears between every row of the tea bags, and the rectangular shape of the teabags themselves, unifying everything into one big rectangular shape box. Intentionally, I took the image tilted so show the contrast in the structure.

Balance – Symmetry

Balance - Symmetry
The balance appears in this photo where the plates are placed on top of each other and the two stacks are of the same size where the third one appears smaller since it is farther from the camera lens. This symmetry of first two piles of plates make a balance through the established symmetry of the plates.


Rhythm - Repetition
Taking this picture at the engagement party of my friend, I intended to take the shot of the repetition of the champagne glasses next to each other while the guy pouring in the 3rd glass signifies a movement of the action of pouring from one glass to another. Also the empty glasses in the foreground give a signifying pattern of the pouring that will move from 3rd glass into them.

Color – Bright

Color - Bright
I took a close shot for those flowers because the color is very bright and creates a happy delighted mood that represents that occasion. Using white and rose colors show happiness and signify the joy. All colors work very well together because they are all bright and they enlighten the photo.