How to make a GIF animation from different images

Please click here for assignment page (The assignment I completed is similar to it, not exactly the same)

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I must say that it is really an easy task to make a GIF animation because there are many. I used GIF Maker website to make my animation. In my story I had three characters. I wanted them to be known at the start of the story so I made a GIF with three photos of the characters as can be seen in the following GIF.

Gif dino characters

Please follow the following instructions to make a GIF of your own.

Step 1: Go to GIFMaker website.

Step 2: Upload the images that you want to use in your GIF from the upload button.


Step 3: Select one of the options. From the options bellow depending on the kin of GIF you want to make. I selected “Create GIF Animation”.

gif options

Step 4: You will be provided a download button. Simply click it and your GIF will be downloaded to your computer.


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