Video tutorial: Fast forwarding a video with Windows Movie Maker

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Music by:  BenSound

Video editing software used: Windows Movie Maker

Screen recording software used: IceCream Screen Recorder

All of us use internet to find help with all most everything. And luckily there is a lot of online help available free of any cost, thanks to different internet enthusiasts who share their experiences online. There are tutorial for everything we do. It could be simply eating a banana or fixing a car engine. I have always found video tutorials to be fascinating and helpful.

Once I lost the video on my car DVD player. I tried my best to fix this problem. I took my car battery off to hard reset it. I soft reset it with the reset button several times but in vain. I even took it to a mechanic. He also didn’t know to do fix it. I could only see a “+” sign in the middle of the screen. I turned to Google and tried different keywords. I was able to find a video tutorial after a few minutes of search and it has the simplest working solution possible. I just had to click on the four corners of my DVD screen and BOOM, it was fixed. The point I want to make with the above story is that it’s time to return the favor to the online community. What better way could be out there than making a video tutorial and putting it online?

In the following tutorial I chose to share with my audience a simple tool to fast forward any video. I have used Windows Movie Maker as it is a simple and free video editing tool from Microsoft available for Windows users. To record the video from the screen and my voice with it, I used IceCream Screen Recorder which is available here for a free download.

Original Video Clip in 1X

Video tutorial to fast forward with Windows Movie Maker (includes the fast forwarded clip)

I would also like to write down the steps that I took to make the video tutorial.

Step 1

Open Windows Movie Maker.


Step 2

Open the video that you want to fast forward by clicking the “Add video and photos” button on the home tab.


Step 3

Select the video by clicking it and from the “Video Tools” tab, increase the speed from 1x to 4x or whatever you like.


Step 4

The video play time has decreased from around 130 seconds to around 23 second with the same video frames played faster.


Step 5

Click on the “File” menu and save the video output in the format of your choice. I saved it for YouTube.


Step 6

Once you have recorded the whole process with IceCream Screen Recorder, you can again open the video in the Windows Movie Maker and add title slide, credits or music to it. I downloaded some royalty free nice music from BenSound and added it to my video tutorial.


2 thoughts on “Video tutorial: Fast forwarding a video with Windows Movie Maker”

  1. Mohammed, great job with the tutorial! Every time I thought you may miss something you nailed it. I was thinking I hope he shows how to mute the sped up audio. Check. Hey, he should save it as a YouTube so it’s in HD but a smaller file. Check. Good job and this will be helpful to someone who has never played around in MovieMaker before. The music was also appropriate for the content.

    1. Thanks for the kind words. I actually searched the internet and could not find a really interactive and easy video tutorial to fast-forward a video. So I said to myself why not I do it in simple words. 🙂

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