Summary of Cinematic Techniques

Camera Angles and Techniques

Camera techniques and techniques coupled with special effects can make a video amazing. This video has focused on the different camera tricks that can be performed to enhance the quality of the video that is being recorded. There are different techniques describes in the video like “Zolly” which can be used to extract the focal character or characters from the scene. This effect can be created by zooming in on characters and moving towards them at the same time. If these two conditions are note met, the effect won’t work. Different camera angles can create different effects. For example placing a camera in front of a person crawling on the ground can have an effect of climbing a height. Camera are used to create a 3D perception in a 2D visual. This has enhanced to 3D camera recordings in the modern world I believe.

One-Point Perspective

This video clip is an example of playing with the symmetry of the scene so that an effect such as 3D can be created. This is a classic example of “one-point perspective” in Stanley Kubrick’s movies. The images seem to pop out of the screen even when they are black and white. I believe it is a useful technique to get the full attention of the viewers.

Note: “Star Wars Continuity Mistakes” this video has been removed by Fox due to copyrights. The administration might want to replace it on the course website.

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