Creating Instant Replay with Windows Movie Maker

4 Stars Assignment

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YouTube video where the clip has been taken from:

I love pets. Back home I have got a dog and a cat. Yes, both of them live under the same roof in peace and harmony :). I have been looking at the video assignments to select one that I would love to try. I looked at the instant replay assignment and I thought why not make an instant replay of a clip from one of the dog shows that I already have on my computer hard disk. So I selected this clip from the Freestyle Flying Disc Winner – 2016 Purina® Pro Plan® Incredible Dog Challenge® Eastern Regionals video. I usually watch video by Dog Challenge Eastern Regional. All the dogs and their owners are really amazing. They give it their best shot. There has to be a winner of course but I consider most of them winners as the winning point margin is not that much greater.  I really like the dog moving backwards towards his owner, therefore I made an instant replay of that specific part of the video. In the following, I have discussed the different steps that I took to make the video instant replay with Windows Movie Maker.

Here is the video clip with an instant replay:

Step 1


I opened the Windows Movie Maker and saved the project to my hard disk.

Step 2


I added the video clip by clicking the “Add video and photo” button.

Step 3


I was going to make an action replay of the video part starting at 11th second on the video timeline. Therefore I clicked on that part on the video timeline and then right clicked in the video to split the video at 11th second.

Step 4


I clicked on the video part I wanted to make an action replay of and then from the “Video tab” reduced the speed to 0.5 of the original speed.

Step 5


I downloaded a music clip from Free Music Archive and added it to my project. There are many audio effects that can be added to the video from the “Audio tab”. I added a slow fade out audio effect to make the audio smoother.

Step 6


I added a title slide to the video from “Title” on the “Home tab”.

Step 7


I added Credit slides to the end of the video from “Credits” on the “Home tab”. I added different credits as can be seen at the end of the video.

A guide on opening and closing credits is available here on BBC Website

Step 8


I saved the prepared video for YouTube from the “File” drop down menu. Video can be saved with different formats depending on what you need it for.

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