How to add a video into the thinking box or a callout of an image

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One part of my story was to add an interactive video to it. I creating a video in which a dinosaur is thinking about the thirsty crow story. It was a bit challenging to find a specific tool in any photo editing software that will help me put a video into the thinking box or callout of an image. I had to come up with my own way of making it happen to create a video effect in which we can see what the dinosaur is thinking. Following is a complete video tutorial on getting it done. I would like to thank BenSound for the music.

Or you can follow the following steps:

Step 1: I put a thinking box or a callout onto your image of the dinosaur. I used Windows Paint it to do so.

Step 2: Then I opened the video that I wanted the dinosaur to think of and resized it to fit the thinking box or callout.

Step 3: I played the video in the thinking box or callout and recorded it with the image of the dinosaur with the help of IceCream screen recorder.

Step 4: The IceCream screen recorder automatically saves the video after you press the stop button.

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