How to Design a Story Poster with Adobe Photoshop

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I chose this assignment because it served my need for the poster I wanted to have on my story. I took several pictures of different dinosaur toys. For this assignment I knew that I have use the magic wand tool in the Photoshop that is helps in getting a specific image out of a photo by selecting the image and deleting other parts of the image that are different than the image. For this purpose the image has to clearly visible. I used my mobile camera and two white papers (one vertical and other horizontal with a 90 degree angel). The white papers served as a clean background and using magic wand was smooth. In the following photo gallery you can see different photos I took with my mobile camera.

Following are the different steps I used Adobe Photoshop to make the bellow poster.

The Poster



Step 1:Open the image in Photoshop


Step 2: Use Magic Wand to select different background sections and delete them. At the end there was an image with a transparent background.  


Step 3: Repeated Step 1 and 2 for the other two images to clear their background and make it transparent.

Step 4: Put all the images in one Photoshop image project in different layers.


Step 5: Resized all the images to my desired pixel size.

Step 6: Opened a Jungle Frame in a different layer. I downloaded a Jungle Frame from Royalty Free images with the help of Google Advance Image Search.

Step 7: Added a background color in a different layer.

Step 8: Added a text box as can be seen in the image bellow.



Step 9: Saved the resulted images as a JPEG from the file menu.

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