Me as the RJ for DS106 Radio

2 Stars assignment

Length of audio: 17 seconds

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I downloaded the Audacity free audio editing software and installed it on my computer.


Then I downloaded and installed the required Audacity plugin to convert audios to mp3.

Audacity plugin

First I thought of sentences that I wanted to say as a radio presenter. I came up with the following sentence:

“Dear folks, you are listening to love songs from DS106 radio on FM 106. Call us to dedicate a love song to your loved ones. They will love it.”

It was not an issue to record an audio with the help of Audacity. It’s really simple. The challenging part for me came when I had to play two audios simultaneously, first my recorded audio and second some love music from FreeSound. I searched Google for help with Audacity. The search returned the following Youtube video tutorial that proved really helpful.

After watching the tutorial video, it was simple, I put both the audios together and exported them to a single mp3 audio.


radio2 repairThe above repair tool helped me get some noise out of the sound bit I recorded on my microphone.

Following is both of the audios playing simultaneously:

mixed audios


I uploaded the audio to my Soundcloud account. Here is an embed of the soundtrack from Soundcloud.

2 thoughts on “Me as the RJ for DS106 Radio”

    1. There are many more tutorials on YouTube for Audacity. I believe if you want to do some serious things with audio editing, you can watch some of them.

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