How to make a radio announcement or advertisement with Audacity

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I had to record two pieces of audios in my own voice. The first piece of the audio was about the letting the audience know which radio they were listening to and the second piece was about the advertisement announcement.

I also had to download two sound pieces from SoundBible. One of the sound I used as a beep between the two audio pieces I recorded in my own voice and the second one was a little bit of music I used at the start of the advertisement announcement.

I followed the following steps to create the radio advertisement.

Step 1: I opened Audacity.

Step 2: I recorded the two pieces of announcements in my voice.1

Step 3: I imported the audio clips that I downloaded by clicking the File Menu and then Import.

importing audios

Step 4: I moved all the audio clips to the series where I wanted them to play from the “Time Shift Tools”

time shift tool

Step 5: I selected the music layer and added a “Fade Out” effect to it from “Effects Menu”


Step 6: To save the prepared audio clip, I exported it in mp3 form from the file menu and saved it to my computer’s hard drive.




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